I don’t need a lot.  I don’t want a lot.  Living in a country in which excess is glorified and worshiped, honestly, makes me sick.  It is disgusting.  In the United States of America, we live for, work for, and dream for more.  More money, more recognition, more possessions.  We are always striving for more.  Saving for more.  Spending more.  We live lives centered around gaining more.  Focused on accumulating more.  What a sad, pathetic existence.  We live lives stuck in a fantasy.  A false reality.  We have been deceived into believing and accepting the false reality of, the more we have, the more satisfied we will be.  The more fulfilled we will be, the happier we will be.  This just simply is not true.  Often, those with the most are the LEAST satisfied, fulfilled, and happy.  They are generally empty souls.  The more you have, the more worry, responsibility, and usually, anxiety you will have.  The truth of the matter is two-fold.  First, there will always be someone with more than you.  You will never have the most.  NEVER.  Second, all that you accumulate within this life, will eventually be given away, thrown away, or sold when you die.  FACT.  REALITY.  No physical possession of yours will be going with you to the grave.  You leave it all behind.  It ALL stays!  So, why do we live in pursuit of more?  Why do we build lives upon false realities?  Why do we strive for excess?  You have to answer these questions for yourself.  You have to face your reality, the true reality and purpose for your life.


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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