We all have dreams.  We all have passions, interests.  Things that excite us, fire us up, bring joy to our soul.  It doesn’t matter your age, your color, your education, your gender, we all have dreams.  We all have a dream.  That something deep within that we want to do or be.  Often, dreams, or a dream, is something relegated to children.  Dreams are something for kids to imagine, think about, and ponder.  As adults, thee is really no time for the dream stuff.  There are bills to be paid, jobs to be worked, kids to be taken care of.  Life is too busy for dreams.  The sad reality is for the majority, life is too busy for dreams, life chokes out dreams.  People allow life’s current to move them as it pleases.  People allow life, circumstances, situations, decisions, to dictate who they are, who they become.  People settle in.  They lose their identity.  They lose their fire.  They lose their innocence.  They lose their dreams.  Life simply becomes trying to make it through the daily grind.  Day in and day out.  Over and over and over and over again.  Life becomes a rut.  A routine.  Dull.  Exhausting.  Boring.  Unenjoyable.  Is this really what life is all about?  Is this truly why we exist on this planet?  NO!  You have dreams.  I have dreams.  We all have dreams.  Dreams are not child’s play.  They are an important, valuable part of our human DNA.  Dreams are within us to be pursued!  They are the fire that needs to burn in order to keep us alive!  Dreams are a part of who we are, an important guide to who we should become!  Those who allow their dreams to die, to flame out, are allowing themselves to die.  We need our dreams.  We need to be in pursuit of our dreams, relentlessly, fearlessly, unashamedly!  In so doing, we are pursuing who we truly are, who we are supposed to become.  We are expressing the beauty within.  We are adding our value to this amazing world!  Where are your dreams?  What are your dreams?  It’s time to let go of all the chaos, it’s time to let go of all the distractions, the excuses, the fears, and TODAY, it is time for us to pursue our dreams!


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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