No Excuses

Reality is simple.  It all comes down to, either you do, OR, you don’t do.  Either you find a way to do what needs to get done, OR, you come up with an excuse as to why you can’t do what needs to get done.  Simple!  Let me tell you straight up, nobody cares about your excuses.  NOBODY.  People don’t care about your talk, your words, it’s all cheap, talk is cheap, words are cheap.  People want action, people want to see you walk the walk, not talking the talk.  Excuses are pathetic.  They are the lazy way.  The complacent way.  The easy way.  Excuses lead to absolutely NOWHERE.  Excuses are a lie, a trap, a dead end.  Excuses are a bad habit that destroys people, relationships, teams, and families.  Excuses are destructive.  WAKE UP!  FIGURE IT OUT!  STOP with the excuses!  Humble yourself.  Get work done!  You are not cool, nobody cares.  Work, work, and work!  Show people, don’t tell people.  Toil.  Grind in the shadows, quietly, humbly.  Let your work, your actions speak.  No excuses, do what needs to get done, TODAY!  RIGHT NOW!


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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