Every Face

Every face has a story. Every face has an origin. Every face has a life to be lived. Every face has struggle. Pain. Questions. Every face has happiness. Joy. Something to give. Every face has worth. Every face has knowledge. Every face has beauty. Every face has an end. Every face has a story. You […]


What is the purpose of life?  Why am I here?  Why are you here?  We live in a time like no other.  The speed at which our culture is moving and developing is unprecedented!  We are moving at a speed that is uncontrollable, unmanageable.  Definitely, unhealthy!  Each day we are inundated with information over-load, technology […]


We all struggle.  We all have struggles, and go through struggles throughout our life here on this earth.  We all go through periods of great joy and satisfaction.  We all go through periods of great sorrow and pain.  No matter who you are, where you are from, or what color of skin you have, you […]