Hi. I’m Quinton.

I’m from a small town in Iowa.  I lived a very free-range life as a child.  My life forever changed when my Mom took me to the little gym in my hometown where I was taught how to lift weights and mentored by a professional bodybuilder, Ralph Kroger.  Ralph passed the gift of fitness onto me as I was going into my 4th grade year of school.  I went on to graduate from the University of Sioux Falls in 2010 with my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.  My dream in life was to become a personal trainer and own my own gym at that point in time. But God had other plans for me.  He led me into ministry for a large chunk of my 20’s. I spent a lot of time serving youth in Sioux Falls, SD in juvenile rehabs and through a youth pick up ministry.  I also spent a lot of time on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation ministering to youth as well. Through these ministry opportunities, God began to break my heart for the next generation.  In 2014, I moved to Detroit, MI to minister to the people in that city. The 11 months I spent in Detroit were some of the hardest days of my life, but also some of the greatest days too.  I learned so much about myself and life in inner city America. After moving to Colorado Springs in the summer of 2017, God awakened me to my purpose on this earth, to take the gift of fitness that was given to me as a youth and to pass this gift on to the next generation.  Now, everything I am living for is to impact youth through fitness. My podcast, the 127 Fit Podcast, is a platform for people to share their story to positively impact those who listen. The podcast is also a part of a bigger agenda. The agenda is to connect with like-minded fitness individuals through the podcast and create a community that will together create change in our given communities.  The final aspect of the agenda will be the opening of a school, Free-Range on the Front Range. This school will be a public school that focuses on physical movement and then will be built out from there. My life is not for me or about me. My life is for others and about others. My life and passion are the next generation.