Carmen Ohling: Holistic Nutritionist, Empowerment Coach, & The “Fuck Your To Do List” Coach

Carmen Ohling is a Holistic Nutritionist, Empowerment Coach, and The “Fuck Your To Do List” Coach.  Carmen spent many years in the corporate business world where she found great financial stability and success.  At a point in her career and life, Carmen found herself unfulfilled.  She decided to make a change.  In our podcast conversation, Carmen and I discuss in detail the change and shift she decided to make from her corporate life to nutrition, health, and coaching.  We also discuss a variety of other topics which included:  Perfectionism, mindset, masculine vs. feminine energy, reframing our mind, journaling, serving, and of course, MUCH MORE!  Carmen is a powerful and passionate woman, you are NOT going to want to miss this episode!  She brings the knowledge and insights!  Enjoy!

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