Watty Watt: Founder & Owner of Tried N True


Allen “Watty Watt” Watkins is the Founder & Owner of Tried N True.  He has coached 70+ IFBB Pro Athletes and 16 Olympians.  He also works with and coaches NFL athletes, Olympic athletes, pro MMA fighters, among many others.  Watty has an incredible story that begins with time in orphanages and then eventually being adopted.  During our podcast conversation, Watty and I discuss his unique childhood, some of the struggles he went through growing up, his first encounters with lifting weights and going to the gym, the difference between coaching male and female athletes, drug use in bodybuilding, the importance of staying in your lane within life, and of course, much more!  If you are a bodybuilding fan on any level, this episode is for you!  Enjoy!


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