Dr. Soyona Rafatjah: Medical Director & Co-Founder at Prime Health


Dr. Soyona is the Medical Director and Co-Founder of Prime Health in Denver, Colorado.  Dr. Soyona is a board certified family medicine physician and functional medicine expert.  Soyona takes a holistic approach to her medical care with her clients.  Soyona and I have an awesome conversation digging deep into a variety of topics.  This was my first interview with a medical doctor, and of course, this interview did not disappoint!  Soyona is a wealth of knowledge in the holistic medicine world in which I am a huge proponent of and supporter of.  Soyona and I cover a wide array of topics which included:  What is holistic medical care?  The difference between general medical care and functional or holistic medical care, the importance of balance in life, checking in with one’s self, the importance of having fun in life, and as always, much more!  Enjoy! 


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