Self-control.  The mastery over one’s spirit.  The mastery over one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  Self-control demonstrates strength.  Maturity.  Humility.  Power.  Self-control delays impulse.  Delays instant gratification.  Delays natural instinct.  Self-control is learned.  It must be practiced.  It takes patience.  Endurance.  Discipline.  Focus.  Willingness.  Few understand the value of self-control.  Few understand the importance of self-control.  Few are willing to humble themselves long enough to embrace their need for self-control.  Few have what it takes to let go of themselves in order to benefit the greater good.  Self-control isn’t about you.  It’s about others.  It’s about you being in control of yourself, so that you don’t hurt another individual, so that you can positively impact those around you.  Self-control is beautiful.  It is a man’s display of mastery over self.  When all Hell is breaking loose, when everything is falling apart, when the chaos is unfolding, those who have accepted, embraced, and learned self-control will rise above the mess.  They will lead others from the ashes.  They will impact lives now, and throughout history.


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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