Motivation is fickle.  Motivation comes and goes.  Motivation is based off of feelings, emotions, and other factors that are unreliable, unstable, inconsistent.  Motivation generally comes through external pressures or prodding.  Some days we may be motivated, some days not.  If we rely on motivation, we will not reach our full potential.  I want my students to reach their full potential.  I want them to become the best version of themselves.  I want them to chase after, and catch their goals, aspirations, and dreams.  I want my students to live life fully.  I want my students to take what they learn in my PE classroom and apply it to their lives daily, that they would become healthier, stronger, and better.  So if motivation is not the answer, what is?  The answer for me is discipline.  Discipline is not based off of feelings, emotions, or external factors.  Discipline is based off internal drive.  Internal fortitude.  Internal focus.  Discipline is doing what you know you need to do even though you don’t want to, or don’t feel like doing it.  Discipline is much more powerful than motivation.  Discipline will take my students much further in life than motivation.  How can I instill this discipline to my students?  How can I teach students discipline?  First and always, I personally need to be a model of discipline.  I need to be the example, the leader in physical fitness and living a healthy life.  I need to practice what I preach.  Young people can see right through hypocrisy.  Young people know when you are real or when you are fake.  Discipline is something that you model, you eat, sleep, train, and live.  If I set the example, I KNOW my students will follow.  Secondly, discipline can be taught through action.  As I educate my students in regards to health and physical fitness, we then practice these lessons through physical movement.  As students realize the positive benefits of physical movement, they will begin to want the movement to be a part of their lives.  As they adopt the physical movement into their lives, this will create discipline in their lives as well.  They will exercise when they don’t feel like it, or don’t want to.  They know the benefits of exercise intellectually, but they will also learn the benefits of exercise through experiences.

Discipline is the answer.  I don’t want to teach students to be motivated.  I want to teach students to be disciplined.  Discipline creates opportunity.  Discipline creates freedom.  Discipline creates stronger individuals, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and educationally.  When motivation wavers, it is discipline that holds strong.  It is discipline that will prevail.  Discipline is the key to success.  Discipline is the key that unlocks the door to our full potential.


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