17 years ago today.  America was attacked.  America changed.  The world changed.  Instantly.  Forever.  I was in middle school.  Young.  Naive.  Living the life I knew to live.  I had no clue what the World Trade Centers were.  No clue about the significance of the planes flying into these buildings.  I just didn’t understand.  My parents never talked to me about patriotism, the military, etc.  September 11th, 2001 was really just another day for me.  The following years, as men and women fought the war on terror, to protect my freedoms, the  United States of America’s freedoms, were years clueless, clueless about the price people were paying for me.  Clueless in regards to the cost of freedom.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  Over the years, I am thankful my understandings and appreciation toward 9-11, the military, and the cost for my freedom has grown.  I realize now the significance of the events of the events of 9-11-2001.  I realize how great our military is, how valiantly men and women have fought for our great nation, for our freedom!  I now realize the importance of service for others, for those who cannot protect themselves, for the continuation of freedom.  I now realize, freedom isn’t free.  There is a cost, a price for our freedom.  I am thankful.  Grateful.  Forever indebted.  17 years ago today, America changed.  The world changed.  Today, I am changed.  Today, I thank and remember those who have given it all.


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