Two Options

There are two options in life. Option 1: Quit.  Option 2: Continue.  There are so many opportunities throughout life to quit.  So many opportunities to give up, throw in the towel, stop and walk away.  Quitting is a habit.  It becomes a habit.   You quit once, you will quit again.  You quit once, it becomes easier to quit twice.  So many people are quitters.  Quitting is always an option within their life.  When things get too difficult, too intense, too complicated, too monotonous, so on and so forth, the majority of people always know that they have the option to quit.  They know that they can take the easy route.  Quitting is right in front of them.  It takes no effort to quit, to give up, to walk away from that which you have started.  We all will have opportunities to quit.  We will all have opportunities to give up.  It is the few who choose to continue.


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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