Functional Thought

How do you think?  What do you allow into your thought process?  Where do you allow your mind to go?  What thoughts are you allowing to control your actions?  Your life?  Thought is powerful.  The mind is powerful.  Words are powerful.  We are what we think.  We become what we think.  We view others through the lenses of our thoughts.  We view the world, through the lenses of how we think, what we allow to congregate within our minds.  The way we live our lives, is a direct reflection of the way in which we think.  How we act, behave, respond, are all the fruit of the labor within our thoughts.  Many people, the majority of people, are enslaved to the wrong thoughts.  They are enslaved to negative thoughts.  Non-functional thoughts.  The majority of people, have no discipline of mind.  No understanding of the power of their thinking, the power of their thoughts.  People are negative, because they think negative.  People live defeated, because their thoughts are defeated.  People act out, because they have a mind that has become poisoned, it is toxic.  I have discovered within my 31 years, the necessity of functional thought, functional thinking.  Functional thought, is simply, thinking in such a way in which I only allow productive, useful, valuable thoughts to remain within my life.  These thoughts will help me become who I want to become, the person I was created to become.  I have full control over my mind, my thoughts, and the way I think.  I, and I alone, dictate the thoughts within my mind.  Functional thought, is a lifestyle, a way of life, a way of thinking, a way to set yourself up for self-success.  Functional thought is setting your mind in the right direction, and then, having the discipline, the fortitude, to move your mind each day, in that set direction.  Functional thought produces results.  It will ALWAYS produce results.  It creates a pathway for intentional thinking.  It allows one to efficiently, and effectively, pursue their best version of self.  Today is an opportunity to change your mind.  To change your thinking, to change your thought process.  Today is an opportunity to make a u-turn.  Be open.  Be willing.  Step into the unknown, step into the uncomfortable, take control of your mind, your actions, your life.  Become functional.  Think functional.  Live functional.  Here we go!


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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