The Fight Against Self

I have to make a conscious effort every day to take my mind and body where it doesn’t want to go.  In order to learn, to grow, to mature, and expand, I have to force myself to do what I naturally, don’t want to do.  I have to force myself to fight against myself.  I have to push myself beyond myself.  It’s some crazy stuff when you really think about!  But, it is truth.  This is the reality for those of us who want to be excellent.  For those of us who want greatness, who abhor mediocrity.  Our natural mind and body lust for comfort, ease, and the path of least resistance.  If we allowed our natural mind to dictate our days, we would never reach full potential, our full potential.  We would find ourselves merely living lives of mediocrity.  Comfort.  Death.  The brain has to be controlled.  It has to be trained, re-wired, disciplined.  We have to choose consciously, every day, to master our brain.  To take our brain where we want it to go, NOT, allowing the brain to go where it wants to go.  The body always will follow the brain.  We must dictate our brain.  We have to drive our brain, in order to drive our body.  It is a battle.  A struggle.  A daily fight.  To constantly resist the natural, to constantly be in war with yourself, your own thoughts, feelings, and natural instincts.  This life of war against self can be exhausting.  It can be overwhelming at times.  But to attain excellence, to attain greatness, and to reach our full potential, the life of warring against self, is simply, the price for admission.  We have to realize satisfaction comes through the struggle, through the fight, through the discipline.  Satisfaction, self-satisfaction, is attained through the hard.  Doing the hard things.  Going through the process of re-training our brain and body, to pursue discomfort over comfort.


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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