It is so vital for human beings to evolve.  It is so vital for us to continue to learn.  To continue to seek knowledge, understanding, and answers.  It is so vital for us to continue to explore, to question, to expand, to grow.  Evolution is a natural process we all should be participating in.  Life offers us so much.  So many opportunities to learn, apply, and evolve.  If you really take a step back, slow down, and think about it, life truly is all about learning.  Each situation we find ourselves in, is an opportunity to learn.  An opportunity to apply, an opportunity to win or lose, and ultimately, an opportunity to evolve.  Life isn’t just about going through the motions, trying to make it through another day in the hopes your circumstances will change at some point.  Life is a quest.  Life is a process.  Life is an OPPORTUNITY!  We have to realize life is our choice.  We choose how we will live out this life, our life.  We choose, for the most part, how our life will unfold.  You choose how you will live your life.  I choose how I will live my life.  We choose.  We choose to evolve, or, we choose to remain stuck, remain the same, day after day, week after week, year after year.  We choose to learn, we choose to seek knowledge, understanding, and answers, or, we don’t.  We choose to explore, question, expand, grow, or, we don’t.  It really is, that simple.  That straight-forward.  That black and white.  Life is all about our choices.  The outcomes within our lives, are largely a result of what we choose, what we have chosen.  We need to choose to evolve.  We need to choose to be open to learning.  Open to stepping into the uncomfortable.  Open to changing.  Don’t allow yourself to miss out on the beauty of life.  Don’t allow yourself to become calloused, bitter, and hard.  Life is so much more.  Allow yourself to evolve.  Allow yourself to love.  Allow yourself to let go when necessary.  Allow yourself to be vulnerable.  Allow yourself to become who you were created to become.  Allow yourself to step into your destiny.  Allow yourself to change the world around you!  To positively impact those who surround you!


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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