The Little Things

I am learning to do the little things.  I am learning that the little things in life, will eventually add up to become big things.  I am learning the importance and value in taking care of, performing, and doing, the little things.  More often than not, it is easy to ignore the little things in life.  It is often easy to not “do” or follow through with, the little things.  Why?  The little things are usually tedious.  They are usually difficult, and generally, those things that won’t get any recognition or applause from others.  The little things in life take time, focus, discipline, concentration, effort.  They require us to think.  They require us to give up what we want.  The little things are easily missed.  You have to look for them, be open to them, be willing to do them.  The little things are crucial.  They are a crucial component within this life.  They are the foundation.  You need a foundation.  I need a foundation.  We need the little things.  We need to do the little things.  Lay our foundation.  Build our foundation.  I have found the more I take care of the little things within my life, I am more joyful, more satisfied, more complete.  Living a life focused on the little things, is a life moving in the right direction.  A life that is becoming better.  More productive.  Doing the little things adds value for others.  Helps others out.  Builds others up.  When you do the little things, you are humbling yourself.  You lay aside your pride and ego.  By constantly doing the little things, you are refining your life.  You are choosing to put yourself in the fire.  You are ridding the impurities.  What a beautiful thing.  What a beautiful process.  The little things.  Doing the little things.  Be a person who takes care of the little things.  Be an individual dedicated to doing the little things.  Set aside your feelings, your emotions, your pride, and do what you KNOW, needs to get done.  The little things.  Everyday.  EVERY, SINGLE, DAY.  Be the leader.  Be the example.  Be someone to follow.  Be relentless.  Live life full.  Fall in love with the process.  Fall in love with the grind.  Embrace, and do, the little things.


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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