Be open.  Be willing.  Be open to change.  Be willing to change.  Be open to explore.  Be willing to learn.  Be open to struggle.  Be willing to grow.  A little over a year ago, God opened the door for me to move from Iowa to Colorado, Colorado Springs to be specific.  What an amazing year it was!  What an amazing adventure it has been!  There have been so many ups and downs out here since I moved, to say the least.  Any time there is a significant move in life, to a new town or city, there will be an adjustment period.  I definitely went through, and experienced that!  When I moved to the Springs, I transferred out here through Wal-Mart.  Thankfully, I had the opportunity to do so, Wal-Mart helped pay the bills!  But, Wal-Mart was most certainly, NOT, the job or career I wanted!  It had to do though.  And it did.  God taught me many invaluable life-lessons through my season at Wal-Mart.  Lessons I am so thankful I learned.  Lessons that will be with me until the day I die.  Lessons that have, and will continue to help me navigate through this crazy thing, called life!  As the first year in Colorado wore on, things began to change.  God took me from one season into another.  He began to open beautiful doors and opportunities for me that only He could.  I continued to learn, grow, and gain experience.  So awesome!  So thankful!  God truly is, GOOD!  None of this would have happened though, if I were not willing.  If I was stuck.  Closed-off.  So often, I see people going through the motions within their life.  They have no vision, no passion, no direction, no fire.  They are just living to live.  There is no learning.  No applying.  No changing.  No growing.  Who’s fault is this?  Their fault!  The individual’s fault!  If you want to experience a full life, if you want to experience the fullness of what God has for you, YOU, have to be open.  YOU, have to be willing.  Ultimately, you have to step out by faith.  Step out into the unknown, into the dark, into the places and areas you may not necessarily want to go!


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One day at a time.

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