Be a Leader, Today

If you want to be a leader, why don’t you lead today?  If you want to be an example, why not be an example, today?  If you want to influence and positively impact others, why not start today?  If you consider yourself a candidate for leadership, to be an example, an influencer type, an impactful person, then you don’t start when you reach a certain status or work your way up to a certain title, you start TODAY!  Being a leader, in fact, starts with YOU!  It starts RIGHT NOW!  If you cannot lead yourself, you will never be able to effectively, impactfully, lead others.  Being a leader, is so much more than a status or title.  It is so much more than being the most knowledgeable or highest educated.  Being a true leader, a real leader, an influencing, impactful, life-changing leader, is to first and foremost be an example.  To be THE example.  A real leader lives a life of leadership.  A real leader leads at all times, when others are around, and when nobody is around.  A real, true leader, understands the importance and power in living a life as THE example, the standard, the model.  People will only listen to, and follow a talker, a hypocrite, a fraud, for a short time.  If a leader does not set the example, is not THE example, doesn’t practice what they preach, people will not allow that person to lead them.  People will eventually, revolt.  Being a leader is a lifestyle.  It is a moment by moment choice.  You choose to lead.  You choose to be a leader.  You choose to be THE example.  Whether others recognize and acknowledge you as a leader, is absolutely insignificant.  If you know you are a leader, then LEAD!  Live the life you know you are supposed to live!  Be who you know and want to be!  Never wait for external forces, external influences, to approve what and who you are to be.  Do what you are to do!  Be who you know you are to be!  Lead yourself today.  Get yourself squared away, today.  Be someone to follow, today.  Live the life of a leader, today.  Be THE example, the standard, today.  Be faithful in the little, TODAY!  Be the person you want others to be, TODAY!  Being a leader starts with you, it starts today, it starts, RIGHT NOW!  LEAD!


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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