Attack fear.  Run towards fear.  What scares you?  What causes anxiety within your heart?  Deep within your soul?  What is holding you back from pursuing your dreams?  FEAR.  Fear cripples.  Fear hinders.  Fear prevents.  Fear controls.  Fear destroys.  More often than not, fear is just simply a figment within our imagination.  Something we believe to be true or real, but in reality, is not.  The fear that causes so much distress within our lives, is often something we have made up.  Fear has no value, unless you give it value.  Fear can do nothing to you, unless you allow it.  Fear is certainly a powerful force.  Fear is natural.  It is even necessary at times, but to allow fear to control you, to allow fear to hinder you, to allow fear to prevent you from becoming the individual you are meant to become, is ABSURD!  Fear is powerless apart from people.  Fear needs a host.  Someone or someones to allow it to grow, mature, and fester.  Someone who will allow it to have the power it so desperately craves.  How do you overcome fear?  How do you overcome anxiety, nervousness, and all that which is holding you back?  You ATTACK!  You have to attack the fear, the anxiety, the nervousness!  You have to go directly at them.  Face them, head on!  Pursue them!  You have to be willing to fail.  You have to be willing to succeed.  Whatever scares you, whatever creates that fear within you, you have to attack, in order to prove, this fear, these fears, are nothing!  They truly have no control or power over you, UNLESS, YOU, allow them!  Don’t live a life under the influence and or control of fear.  Don’t allow fear to alter your journey.  Your destination.  To alter the path you are supposed to be walking down, to get to your destination.  Face fear.  Face your fears.  Attack them.  Prove their insignificance.  Their non-existence.  No one can face your fears, destroy the power of your fears, for you.  This is your fight.  Your battle.  You have to choose whether you will serve fear, or make fear serve you!  Attack fear.  Run towards fear.  You WILL win.  You WILL breakthrough.  You WILL become who you were supposed to become!  ATTACK!


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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