So many people are stuck.  Stuck in the past.  Stuck in how it used to be.  Who they used to be.  So many people are stuck in this life.  They are going nowhere.  They are accomplishing nothing.  Their life is empty.  Meaningless.  Dead.  There is no substance.  There is no purpose, passion, or enthusiasm.  People have no foundation.  They live to just make it through “another” day.  There is no growth.  No maturity.  No learning.  Stuck people are delusional.  Many think they are good.  They have it together, all figured out.  They don’t.  Their pride has blinded them.  Their pride has stunted their ability to grow, change, adapt.  They think they know.  They rest in what they have done, who they used to be.  Stuck.  Stuck in the past.  Stuck within themselves.  Stuck in the comfort of what they have always done, been, and known.  I have been around so many of these people, stuck people.  I have family members who are stuck.  Co-workers who are stuck.  It is a scary place to be.  It is a scary thing to witness, to watch.  Someone who lives stuck.  Someone who doesn’t recognize they are living stuck, wasting their life.  The majority of people in this life are, in fact, stuck.  It is a very few who are not.  I fear becoming stuck.  I fear becoming blinded by my own pride, my own arrogance, my own comfort.  No one is above this.  No is above becoming stuck.  Above the comfort of their pride.  God help us please!  I never want to live comfortable.  I never want to live prideful.  I never want to allow myself to become stuck.  It is a constant fight.  A daily battle.  Each and every day we must force ourselves beyond ourselves.  Force ourselves into the uncomfortable.  The fearful.  The difficult.  You can’t become stuck in the past, if you are constantly challenging the future.  Constantly challenging yourself.  You won’t become stuck if you allow yourself to learn.  If you allow yourself to be tested.  If you allow yourself to let go.  Life is not about you.  Life is about others.  Life is an opportunity to serve, love, and positively impact others.  An opportunity to encourage others, challenge others.  Build others up.  Life is about living.  Living full.  Living today.  Living in the present.  Focused on the present.  Where are you today?  Where is your mind?  Your heart?  Your soul?  Are you stuck?  Are you blind?  Are you alive?  Do you even care?  Wherever you are, you have put yourself there.  You have chosen.  It is your choice.  You can always change.  What will you choose?


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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