Talk is Cheap

Nobody cares about what you say.  Talk is cheap.  Everyone is talking.  Everyone has something to say.  People give their opinions, even when they have no opinion to give.  Talk is an addiction.  People are addicted to talking.  Addicted to hearing themselves talk.  Our culture pays people to talk.  We pay to listen to people talk.  It is CRAZY!  Words.  Words.  Words.  Empty, unprofitable words.  Most people have no clue what they are saying.  They just spew.  Talking is easy.  It is natural.  It’s what we do.  It’s what we get rewarded for from a very young age.  Literally, people celebrate our first word.  Our first words.  We are rewarded, applauded for speaking.  Scary.  Words have meaning, obviously.  They can be powerful.  Helpful.  Talk has its place.  The problem is, talk without action is waste.  Words are weakened absent action.  People want to see who you are by your life lived, not by the words you speak.  Talk is easy.  Taking action is hard.  Doing, being, is hard.  Living a life of doing, being, is powerful!  Allowing your life to speak rather than your words is uncommon.  Different.  Refreshing.  I want to be a man of action.  A man of doing.  Of being.  A man who lives a loud, full life.  A life that leads.  We desperately need men and women who lead by their lives, and not their words.  We desperately need parents, teachers, and coaches, who are willing to set aside their agendas, and are willing to lead our youth.  The next generation.  We need people to shut up, and lead by living, NOT talking!


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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