A Different Path

I am a kid walking down a different path.  I have always been this kid.  I have always walked down a different path.  I can’t explain it.  I really don’t get it.  There is something deep within my soul that drives me to be different.  Something deep within my soul that won’t allow me to be satisfied with normal.  Satisfied with living a life of mediocrity.  I don’t want to be like anyone else.  I don’t want to model my life after another man.  I want to be me.  I want to live my life.  The life God created me to live.  I am an individual.  I want to live out my individuality.  I want to share, and express my individuality.  I want to give.  I want to give my life.  Fully.  Passionately.  Relentlessly.  I want to be faithful.  Faithful in the little things.  I want to be committed.  Patient, yet aggressive.  I want to be focused.  Disciplined.  I have followed the wrong people in the past.  I have gotten caught up in stupidity.  I have allowed myself to abandon myself.  I have tried to be someone I am not.  It sucks.  I regret it.  It’s embarrassing for me to look back upon.  Pathetic.  But, I learned.  I am learning.  I am who I am right now, because of the past.  I want to continue to learn.  I will continue to learn.  I have a hunger, a thirst to learn.  To grow.  To mature.  To lead.  To be a positive, impactful example.  I am a failure.  It is surreal to be growing older.  It’s hard for me to think about being close to 31 years old.  In my heart and mind, I am just a kid.  A small-town kid from NW Iowa.  I am an adult.  I have been for a long time.  But I am still a kid.  I will always be a kid.  A kid walking down a different path.


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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