The Standard

Be the Standard.  Hold the Standard.  People will come.  People will go.  They know the standard.  They know what to expect.  What will be expected of them.  Some will rise to the standard.  Some will exceed the standard.  Some will set a new standard.  AWESOME.  Most will turn away.  Give up.  Quit.  Will never even start, begin, or make the attempt.  The standard will be too high.  Too hard.  Too time-consuming.  You can’t control others.  You can’t control their choices, their decisions.  You can’t live a life for someone else.  You have to live your life.  You are responsible for your life.  Responsible to live your life fully.  To be the standard.  To hold the standard.  To lead others by your example, by the life you live each day.  You have been given, so that you can give.  You don’t have to fear being different.  Fear standing out.  Fear the opinions of others.  Be you.  Do you.  Be the standard.  Hold the standard.  Boldly.  Fearlessly.  Relentlessly.  Patiently.


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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