Consistency Counts

Just keep showing up.  Keep putting in the work.  Keep stepping.  Keep grinding, by faith.  Day after day after day.  Don’t allow yourself to lose too much ground.  Don’t allow yourself to veer too far to the left or the right.  Just keep moving forward, relentlessly, consistently.  Consistency counts.  You don’t have to be the fastest, brightest, strongest, biggest, smallest, most educated, best trained etc. etc., just simply, be the most CONSISTENT!  BE CONSISTENT!  Consistency in life is often over-looked, under-valued, under-appreciated.  Often, forgotten.  Everyone wants what they want, RIGHT NOW.  They want the flash, the bang, the bright lights, the glory and recognition, RIGHT NOW.  Most want the rewards without the work, without the consistent work and effort.  Most don’t want to wait, they don’t want to allow life to unfold as it should.  They don’t want to endure the process, they just want the result.  Life doesn’t work that way.  Life generally doesn’t care about what YOU want, when YOU want it, or how YOU want it.  Life generally doesn’t reward the impatient, but the patient.  Life generally doesn’t reward the inconsistent, but the consistent.  There are things to be learned, to be gained, and attained throughout this life.  Lessons that NEED to be learned, gained, and again, attained.  Life will teach you these lessons, IF, YOU, are willing to learn.  And more often than not, life’s lessons are taught over time.  Consistent time.  When life wants to teach us, not necessarily when we want to be taught.  Consistency is powerful.  Consistency produces results.  Consistency definitely works!  Consistency isn’t easy.  It takes discipline.  It takes effort.  Focus.  Concentration.  Dedication.  Humility.  Willingness.  You have to be willing to suffer.  Be willing to pay now, not later.  Everyday.  You have to be willing to put in the work, time, and grind consistently to get where you want to go.  To become who you want to become.  You have to be willing to live in the dark, toil in the dark, so that eventually, possibly,  you may reach the light.  You have to be willing to spend years in last, to eventually, possibly, reach 1st.  Not always “fun.”  Not always “enjoyable.”  NOT EASY.  Not recognized.  Not promoted.  BUT, always worth it.  The process of consistency is always worth it.  The learning, the gaining, the attaining, the growing, the maturing, the refining, through the process of a consistent life, is always worth it.  In the end, consistency will ALWAYS count!


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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