Be Willing to Listen…….

The moment you stop listening, is the moment you will stop growing.  Learning.  Maturing.  Expanding.  Evolving.  You stop moving forward.  Progressing.  You must be willing to listen.  I must be willing to listen, IF we want to lead people.  IF, we want to positively impact people.  IF, we want to add value to this world.  We MUST be willing to listen!  We do not have all the answers.  We do not have it all together, this life all figured out.  We need to be willing to listen to others.  Be willing to listen to what others have to say.  Their ideas, suggestions, corrections, possible solutions.  Different people, see the world through different lenses.  They see the world through a different light.  Each of us offers a unique and different perspective.  By listening to others, we can gain a wealth of insight, a wealth of knowledge.  Insight and knowledge that we can use to become better humans.  Insight and knowledge that we can use to help others become better.  Through listening, we can also gain an understanding of how we DO NOT want to live out this life.  Having a willingness to listen, exudes humility, strength, and confidence.  It shows a hunger for learning, growth, and a desire to want to become the best version of ourselves.  Having a willingness to listen, above all else, makes it clear to others, that you care.  Don’t be the arrogant prick who doesn’t listen.  The guy who thinks he knows, thinks he has it all figured out, when everyone around you knows, you clearly don’t.  Don’t be an idiot.  Don’t be a fool.  People know.  You know.  Be real.  Be vulnerable.  Be willing.  Willing to listen to others.  Willing to learn.  Humble yourself.  We need to humble ourselves.  We need to be willing to allow others into our lives.  Be willing to be wrong.  Be willing to be right.  We need to be open.  We need to be willing to change.  Adjust.  Correct.  We need to listen.  Be willing to listen.  Willing to apply.  Grow.  Mature.  Expand.  Evolve.  Positively impact lives.  Positively impact the world.  Live a life of adventure.  Live a life of light.  Live a life of love.  WE NEED TO BE WILLING TO LISTEN.


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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