The Example

I want to be an example.  I want to be a GREAT example.  I want to lead people.  Lead the next generation.  I have had a lot of bad, poor examples throughout my own life.  A lot of men who failed to lead me in a positive direction.  Men who missed their opportunity to pour into my life.  I don’t want to be this type of man.  A man who fails to be an example.  A man who fails to lead.  A man who fails to recognize, to realize, the opportunities to impact people’s lives, especially, young people’s lives.  This drives me.  Motivates me.  The desire to be a great example is the fire burning within me each and every day.  Taking on the responsibility to be an example, to be a leader, is a weighty endeavor.  It is a life-style choice.  A true example, a true leader, is an example, a leader, at ALL times.  They understand the importance of their choices and decisions, at ALL times.  When people are around, but most importantly, when people are not around.  People of influence understand that the essence of their being, is defined by how they live their life behind closed doors, NOT in the public eye.  The choices and decisions made in the dark, will show forth in the light.  Who am I when I don’t have to be?  I have chosen my path.  I am an example.  I am a leader.  I have fully accepted the amazing and weighty responsibility of leading others.  Of pouring into others.  I know it is not about me.  I am on this earth to help and to serve others.  I am on this earth to be an example.  To be a leader.  To hold others to a higher standard.  To challenge others.  To love others.


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