Never Forget

Life has many twists and turns.  Life will take us places we never thought possible.  Life is fast-paced.  It slows down for no one.  Life waits for no one.  As we sprint through life, trying to navigate through all of the ups and downs, trying to figure out who we are, and what this life is all about, it is important that we never forget.  Important that we never forget where we came from.  How and where it all started.  I think we tend to forget our past too often.  We forget about home, our home-town.  We tend to forget about people and experiences that have shaped us into who we are today.  Whether good or bad, the past is a part of who we are today.  A part of who we have become.  Without the past, there is no present.  We need to embrace our past, reflect on our past, and most importantly, learn from our past.  Just don’t allow yourself to become stuck in the past.  Never forget your past.  Never forget home.  Never forget the faces, the experiences, the lessons from your past.  Be a person of reflection.  Be a thinker.  Examine.  Explore.  Ponder.  Accept what you need to receive.  Grow, mature, become better!


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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