It’s OK

It’s ok if people don’t understand you.  It’s ok if they don’t understand why you live your life the way that you do.  It’s ok if people think what you do or how you live is ridiculous, stupid, or a waste of time.  It’s ok if people laugh at you, mock you, talk about you, try to tear you down.  It’s ok to be different.  It’s ok to want something different.  To see things differently.  To want a different life than others.  To want to walk down a different path than others.  To want to become an exclamation mark, rather than a period.  To want to march to the beat of your own drum.  It’s ok to be a free-spirit.  A free-thinker.  A wanderlust.  It’s ok to be disruptive.  To be counter-cultural.  To want to break free from the norm, the expected, the mold of those around you, your friends, co-workers, parents, normal people in general.  It’s ok to be a maverick.  A non-conformist.  A monk.  It’s ok to be you.  To be and want to become who God created you to become.  It’s ok to be serious, driven, disciplined, focused, yet loving, kind, gentle, humble, meek, and encouraging.  It’s ok to be a dreamer.  A thinker.  A writer.  An artist.  A fighter.  A preacher.  An athlete.  A musician.  A singer.  A student.  A hippie.  A hipster.  A clean-cut businessman.  It’s ok.  Ok to be you.  To become you.  To walk in you. To do you.  To live your life unapologetically.  Boldly.  Fearlessly.  Aggressively.  Passively.  Authentically.  Unashamedly.  Purely.  It’s ALL ok.  People may question. It’s ok.  They may not understand.  It’s ok.  They may threaten.  It’s ok.  They may stare.  It’s ok.  They may laugh.  Ridicule.  Mock.  It’s ok.  They may be inspired.  Challenged.  Motivated.  They may want to change.  They may follow.  It’s ok.


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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