Too often, we live lives on auto-pilot.  We live lives on cruise-control.  We live lives stuck in thoughtless rituals, routines, and ruts.  We do our best to make everything as easy as possible.  We do our best to avoid conflict of any kind, at all costs.  To avoid being challenged.  We do our best to live lives in which we don’t have to think, but instead, simply, do.  We look to others to teach us, instead of teaching ourselves.  We look to others to guide us, instead of guiding ourselves.  We look to others in order to copy them, instead of being the individual we were made to be.  We allow others to think for us, so we don’t have to.  One of the most powerful tools we possess as human beings, is our ability to think.  Sadly, many people avoid using this tool and or severely neglect using this particular tool of thinking.  Thinking, or thought, is an absolute vital, integral part within the human experience.  Thought is the catalyst to creation, expression, and individuality.  Without thinking, without the manifestation of thought, we are merely well oiled machines, robots if you will.  Our thinking, our thoughts, are what separates us from all other species.  It makes us who we are, as a collective group, and again, as individuals.  So, why do we so readily forfeit and give-up our opportunities to think?  Why do we look to others to think for us?  Why are we allowing others to determine the outcome of our life?  The answer?  Ease.  It is much easier to allow someone else to think for you.  It is much easier  to do what has always been done.  Easier to just go with the flow, like everyone else, to not rock the boat.  It’s easier to copy someone else, something else that has already been done.  To walk down a path that is well-traveled, opposed to clearing your own path and then walking down that one.  This is hard.  Thinking is hard.  wrestling with thought is hard.  Self-reflection, self-examination, is HARD!  Asking yourself challenging questions, is hard.  Being truthful and honest with your thinking, towards yourself and others is hard.  People don’t want to face the truth.  People don’t want to face reality.  People don’t want to do hard things, the difficult things.  They want auto-pilot.  The want cruise-control.  They want easy.  And so, because people choose easy over hard, easy over difficult, they choose to surrender their thinking, they choose to surrender their individuality, they choose to surrender their identity, and they choose to never become the person they were suppose to become.  They never reach their potential, they fail to supply the world with their unique gifts and talents.  They choose to live an empty, unsatisfying, unfulfilling, self-absorbed life.  A wasted life.  Don’t allow yourself to slip into a life of ease.  A life of allowing others to live your life for you.  You have thoughts  You have ideas.  You have an imagination.  You have dreams.  Allow yourself to think.  Allow yourself to create.  To express.  Don’t worry about all the extra noise around you.  Be you.  Allow yourself to be you.  Choose hard.  Choose to become the individual God created you to become.  Choose to supply this world with what you have been given!  Think.  Live.  Learn.  Grow.  Explore.  Love.


Published by 127 Fitness

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