Mind Flow

Learning to control the mind is one of the most difficult endeavors one will undertake in this life.  The mind is powerful, very, very powerful.  It will destroy an individual if left unchecked.  The mind will enslave, mislead, and drive people to do things, say things, they shouldn’t.  Most people fail to harness the power of their mind.  Most people fail to realize the importance and power of their mind toward their ultimate success or failure.  We have to realize, understand, grasp, the fact, that the mind does not have to control us, but we have the ability, the capability, to control it.  Controlling the mind is work, hard work.  It takes a lot of practice, effort, and discipline.  It doesn’t happen over-night either.  This mind control process will take a life-time, it is a daily process, a daily undertaking, a daily grind.  But once you do begin to learn how to control your mind and harness its power to your advantage, you are will on your way to explosive growth as a human-being.  Once you learn to capture mind flow, and use this state to your advantage, you will be able to go beyond what you thought possible previously in your life.  Mind flow will allow you to enter into a new dimension of performance!


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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