Podcast Review (The Rich Roll Podcast)

If you are looking for a podcast that focuses on health, well-being, and fitness, look no further than the Rich Roll Podcast.  Rich does an awesome job of bringing on guests who are intelligent, experienced, passionate, and willing to share their lives with us, the listeners!  The majority of the conversations have something related to health and or fitness, which I appreciate, because of my own personal love and passion for both.  I personally believe Rich is one of the best interviewers/podcasters in the business, he does a great job of asking great questions, peeling back the layers of people’s lives, and allowing the guests to speak.  I could listen to Rich talk/interview/podcast all day!  Speaking of all day, if you decide you are interested in checking out The Rich Roll Podcast, be prepared to be listening to an interview for a good amount of time.  The podcasts are lengthy, usually no less than an hour and a half.  Sometimes the podcasts will go past the 2 hr. mark.  But I don’t mind this at all, again, because of the fact that this podcast is more conversation rather than interview.  Also keep in mind, some of this time is dedicated to ad reads etc.  But the advertisements are not too bad, generally, Rich will put them at the beginning of the podcast, no ad interruptions in the middle of a conversation, thank goodness!  F.Y.I., Rich is a Vegan, focused on the plant powered life.  I have absolutely nothing against this type of lifestyle, but you will definitely get a strong dose of the plant powered life throughout a lot of the guests Rich has on the podcast and Rich himself, is very forth-coming with how he chooses to live and fuel  his life.  I think overall, Rich does a great job of not “pushing” the vegan life on the listener, which I appreciate, but he certainly does not shy away from who he is and what he believes in, which, again, I appreciate!  Rich is now videoing the podcast interviews which he makes available on his YouTube channel.  I love it!



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