Podcast Review (Cleared Hot)

The Cleared Hot podcast, hosted by retired Navy Seal Andy Stumpf, is far and away one of my favorite podcasts out there to date.  Although Andy has a long and decorated military background, this podcast is not military-centric.  There have been several guests of Andy’s who have also served in the United States military, but again, this is not generally the focus of the podcast, or the interviews.  Andy brings a ton of value and insight to the podcast through his unique life-experiences and continued focus to always do “hard things.”  Andy has a light-hearted way of presenting his humor that is enjoyable, does a great job of communicating what he wants to say clearly, and allows his guests to speak.  (You would think the latter would be obvious on an interview style podcast, but if you are a podcast junkie like me, you know too many interviewers like to hear themselves talk, rather than their guests!)  I also appreciate the laid back interview style of Cleared Hot.  There is no question agenda, no weird promotional angles, etc.  Andy simply sits down with his guests, hits record, and has conversations with them.  It makes you feel like you are the third person, just hanging out, listening to two people casually talk life.  I love it!  This is definitely a real, authentic, no BS podcast!  The only time I choose not to listen to Cleared Hot, is when the focus is on hunting.  This is nothing against Cleared Hot, Andy, or any of the hunting related guests, this is just my personal preference.  I am not a hunter, nor interested in hunting whatsoever, so I choose not to listen to these episodes.  But if you are looking for something fresh, relevant, motivating, and actionable, I highly suggest you download and listen to Cleared Hot!  Oh, I almost forgot!  The Cleared Hot intro is one of the best in the business and if you are looking to find out more about Andy, just type his name into Google!



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