Jesus said,  “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.”  There is only one way to God, according to Jesus.  Mankind can have a relationship with God, through one person, and only one, according to Jesus.  The one way, the one person, is in fact, Jesus.  Throughout the four gospels in the New Testament of the Bible, you quickly discover, Jesus is not just another good guy, or some spiritual guru, but He is indeed, the Son of God, declaring Himself to be the only way to know God.  Jesus also makes it very clear that He and God are one, equal.  All of this flies in the face of what our culture is currently preaching.  Our culture, the world in general, tries its hardest to preach, promote, and brain-wash us into believing, accepting, that all roads, all ways, lead to god, or a higher power.  It doesn’t matter what you call your god, or how you choose to interact with your higher power, it’s all one in the same.  If you do believe in a god or higher power, good for you, do you, however you want, it’s all good.  Our culture is also currently pushing what they have termed, “Spirituality.”  Essentially, going beyond the physical world, tapping into the world or energies outside of our physical experiences.  Again, however you choose to define spirituality and choose to tap into other worlds, is your thing.  What a mess.  There are no absolutes.  No boundaries.  Few, if any, guidelines.  It is basically, a free for all.  Just do you.  But then, we go back to Jesus.  Back to reality.  He makes some bold claims about Himself.  Jesus doesn’t leave things open to personal preference, or personal interpretation.  He makes things clear, concise, to the point.  Jesus gives two options.  In or out.  You either know God or you don’t.  You either come to God  through the Son (Jesus), or you don’t know God, and can’t know Him.  This flies in the face of everything you will ever hear coming from our culture.  Jesus is it, according to Himself.  Jesus is the only way to God, according to Himself.  There are not multiple roads, multiple ways to God, according to Jesus, but only one road, one way.  That road, that way is through Jesus.  Interesting.  So, who is right?  What is right?  The majority preach all roads lead to god, pick a road, and you are on your way to enlightenment.  Jesus preaches one road leads to God, that road is, Jesus.  Each of us has to decide, we all choose the life we are going to live.  The road we are going to walk down.  The thing or things we are going to believe in.  God in His love for us, has given each of us a free-will, free-choice.  God does not, will not, force us into anything.  We decide, we choose.  It is beautiful.  Jesus is or He isn’t the only way to God.  It’s that simple.  That straight-forward.  Either you choose Jesus, or, you reject Jesus.  You choose God, or, you reject God.  Your choice.  My choice.  We choose.  Who do you choose?  What will you choose?


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