You have to be in, but at the same time, you have to be out.  Too often, people invest too much of themselves in something or someone.  People get so caught up, so dependent, so attached, they lose the ability to see.  They lose the ability to be rationale.  They lose the ability to self-assess, self-examine.  They lose the opportunity to grow.  In this process of being too far in, too invested, people often lose their identity, their individuality, they lose their mind.  Detachment is an all important part of living a full life.  Learning to be in, but out, at the same time, is a skill that is invaluable.  I see people all the time who have no clue who they are.  They are going through life unrecognizable.  They live someone else’s life, or some version of a life someone else has projected onto them.  These people are seemingly alive, but in actuality, they are living dead.  It’s pathetic.  People wasting life, their life, wasting opportunities to impact.  We have to take the time to think.  Take the time to examine.  Take the time to detach, to get away.  To rest. To be alone.  We have to be cautious of the world’s current.  The people around you, their current.  Be cautious, be cognizant, of your surroundings.  Who and what influences you.  Your thoughts, your actions.  Who are you?  Are you the same in the dark, as you are in the light?  Do you act differently around different people?  Don’t get sucked in.  Don’t lose who you are.  Be you.  Be in, but always out.  Be attached, but always detached.  Learn.  Apply.  Grow.


Published by 127 Fitness

One day at a time.

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